Welcome! I hope this brief summary serves as an impetus for you to look into studying abroad with the Public Health Program in Bali. I have spent some time reflecting on my journey this past year. Wow! What a year it has been. This past summer was one of the best summers I’ve had in my 20 years of existence. Between the months of July to August 2014, I had the opportunity to visit Bali, Indonesia, a culturally diverse island with rich history.

Bali, Indonesia is located on a remote island where the traditional practices and ideals of its people have not been entirely influenced by large companies and corporations.  This is particularly beneficial because students in the Public Health Program in Bali are able to gain valuable insight about traditional ceremonies, delicious cuisine, languages, and customs that have been practiced for decades.

Participating in class and working side-by-side with local non-governmental organizations was one of the most rewarding experiences that I encountered. The concepts and materials we covered in lecture were applied first-hand in the daily events students attended. I hope you consider attending the Public Health Program in Bali this summer – you won’t regret it!

– Raul Jaimes


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