As soon as I heard about this trip, I just knew I had to be a part of it. It seemed like such an amazing opportunity to learn under the guidance and “smiles” of Dr. Bic and be able to explore a beautiful island for 5 weeks. I remember feeling so welcomed by my classmates at our very first dinner together. By the end of the first week we were already referring to our group as the “Bali Fam”.
I loved that we lived in homestays. We were able to build a relationship with the family who lived there and it was always fun to practice the language with them. I enjoyed sitting on our porch every morning before class to have breakfast with the rest of the Manuaba Inn family and our golden retriever Andrew.
Every day brought a new adventure as our itinerary was full of cultural activities and trips to must-see sites. Some of these included legong dancing, meeting a prince, and visiting iconic temples and palaces. One of my most favorite moments was when we visited Udayana University to spend the day with students who study public health. Another unique part of this experience was coordinating with NGOs and helping serve the local Balinese community. I had the pleasure of working with an elderly home and planning an activity day as a well as a medical and art donation drive with my group.
My trip to Bali taught me that happiness is found in appreciating the things I have now. It was an honor to travel with so many individuals who were passionate about promoting health and serving the community.
I am glad to call these people my friends and I will always treasure the memories had with my Bali family.

-Skylar Hanson



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